What We Are About

Empowering Patients

Evidence-based treatments are increasingly based on the premise that learning and behavior change need to happen between sessions. Research has shown that technology can serve as a catalyst to behavior change. Utila engages patients via interactive text messaging and a secure portal where patients track symptoms, see progress, and access individualized content shared by their providers. After treatment ends, patients come away with a tangible skill set, information learned, and progress they can see. Patients own their Utila accounts for life and come away with a permanent record of their treatment.

Participatory, Coordinated Care

Until now, providers have served as the gatekeepers to patient information. Utila embodies a new paradigm where both providers and patients control permissions to patient information. With Utila’s HIPAA compliant work space, patients, providers, and team members can exchange documents and view progress in real time. In a health system that is too fragmented, Utila facilitates participatory care that is secure and convenient.

API First Development Approach

When it comes to health care technology, we believe that interoperability is the foundation for innovation. Utila's secure API can be integrated and communicate with existing solutions to create a seamless experience for providers, patients, and organizations. Our API first development approach is at the core of our vision of a health and behavioral health system revolutionized by technological innovation and interoperability.

Less is more

Good software shouldn't require an army of trainers and hundreds of pages of user documentation manuals to roll out. Utila’s approach to design is simplicity. Sleek, easy to use, and intuitive. This is the feedback that we repeatedly hear from our users.