Platform Features

For Providers

Provider Portal

Follow Up Care

Support patients with simple text, web, and mobile interactions that promote behavior change.


Get real time notifications that help you identify and manage clinical risk more effectively.

Evidence Based

Disseminate the right evidence based resources to your clients automatically.

Client Centered

We start with a pretty simple question: how do your clients like to be engaged?

For Clients

Patient Portal

Check In

Keep clients engaged in services with light touch interactions.

Practice & Learn

Equip clients with the tools they need to be successful in treatment.

Stay on Track

Provide gentle reminders to clients to help them stay on top of their care plan.

See Progress

Show clients their progress so that they know what they are working towards and when they get there.

For Organizations

Organization Admin Portal

Fully Branded

Showcase your brand with a private labeled solution that features your logo, colors, and local area code.

HIPAA Compliant

Out of the box we provide a suite of security features, including an administrative dashboard to manage user accounts.

Clinical Content

Manage a pre-stocked library of content organized by program or condition.

Data Driven

Measure program success and fine tune engagement strategies using Utila's outcomes data.