We Are Utila

Joshua Goldberg

Board Member
Joshua is a telehealth information systems entrepeneur with a passion for delivering custom solutions to enterprise customers.

J. Zach Boone, LCSW

Head of Product, Founder
Zach is a licensed clinical social worker whose vision is to help mental health clients get better and stay better.

Lisa Colliss, LCSW

Clinical Advisor
Lisa is a therapist in private practice with extensive training in evidence-based treatments including TF-CBT which have helped shape Utila's clinical vision.

Rajesh Kasanagottu

Technology Advisor
Rajesh is an expert in disruptive digital technologies, distributed systems, everything-at-scale, and as-a-service models.

Philip Micali

With 30 years of experience in behavioral health and healthcare, Philip serves as a business consultant to Utila's executive team.

Vishnu Saxena

Vishnu is a transformational Healthcare IT leader and startup mentor with success driving rapid growth and sustained brand awareness.

Robert Goldberg

Rob is CEO of the world's largest carpet recyclying company and a successful entrepeneur. His boss is a nice guy.

Ron Boone

A retired corporate executive, Ron is a farmer, rancher, and angel investor.